Mercedes C63 Black Series AMG (2012)

The Velos Designwerks Performance software involves a remapping of several of the factory’s ECU maps including, but not limited to, the fuel maps, throttle maps, ignition maps, and limiters. Velos Designwerks makes it a point to show the a/f ratio where other tuners choose to hide this information due to the car’s nature to run rich. Custom software is also available for cars with exhaust ugprades, headers, or intake upgrades. Software solutions available for all model years as well as cars equipped with Performance Package upgrade from factory.

When it comes to unleashing your C63 Black Series true potential the Velos Designwerks Performance Software is the choice for the true enthusiasts.

Velos Designwerks Personal Tuner option allows you to upload performance software without sending in your ECU


  • Horsepower: 53 HP
  • Torque: 38Lbs Ft of Torque




Key Features

  • Increased Boost Levels
  • Improved Shifting
  • Crisper, quicker shifting
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Increased Gains in mid rpm range
  • Improved Gas Mileage
  • Refined a/f ratio
  • Increase Rev Limiter
  • Top Speed Removal (Off road use only)
  • Refined drivability
  • Improved Part throttle response


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