Lamborghini Gallardo 500 – Super leggera (2004 – 2008) Performance Software

Through countless hours of R&D our engineering team was able to take on the difficult task of improving the Lamborghini Gallardo’s performance. The Lamborghini Gallardo boasts 523 BHP from the factory and the Velos Designwerks tune will increase this V10’s output by over 35 HP and 28 lb ft of torque. Through careful remapping to both DME’s including changes to several maps including the fuel, ignition, throttle, and of course the E Gas. Power delivery in the mid rpm range is refined to ensure for a most pleasant and enjoyable ride. The Velos Designwerks software allows the Gallardo’s V10 to perform at its full potential without sacrifice.


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Key Features

  • Increased Boost Levels
  • Improved Shifting
  • Crisper, quicker shifting
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Increased Gains in mid rpm range
  • Improved Gas Mileage
  • Refined a/f ratio
  • Increase Rev Limiter
  • Top Speed Removal (Off road use only)
  • Refined drivability
  • Improved Part throttle response


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