BMW E9X M3 (2008+) Performance Software

The Velos Designwerks Performance software involves a remapping of several of the factory’s ECU maps including, but not limited to, the fuel maps, throttle maps, ignition maps, filling maps, and limiters. The Velos Designwerks Software solution is not limited to increasing the cars output but the Engineering team also make it a goal to make the overall driving experience a more pleasant one. The unpleasant cold start is eliminated as a result of the remapping of the Vanos tables. This software solution also improves throttle response and results in a more instantaneous power delivery especially in the mid rpm range where you spend most of your time driving.

When it comes to unleashing your E9X M3’s true potential the Velos Designwerks Performance Software is the choice for the true enthusiasts. Tunes available for 91+ octane.

*Note: An exhaust upgrade is one of the most popular and strongly recommended performance upgrades for a E9X M3. This allows the V8 to breathe much better and get you closer to unleashing the V8 potential power in the naturally aspirated form. The next step to taking full advantage of an exhaust upgrade is upgrade your vehicle’s software.

The E9X M3 follows the same trend as it predecessors being highly tuned from the factory by the BMW M divisions engineers not leaving much on the table. Through countless house of dyno testing the Velos Designwerks has been able to increase the Naturally aspirated V8’s power output as well as improve the drivability. through careful remapping of the DME.

The Velos Designwerks team has also designed a software upgrade designed specifically for E9X M3’s with an Akra system or similar full exhaust system.


  • HP: 17
  • TQ: 14Lb-ft

(Increase in HP & Tq comparing basic tune and specific Akra tune. Gains for stock vs Full Exhaust specific tune are greater)



Key Features

  • Improved Shifting
  • Crisper, quicker shifting
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Increased Gains in mid rpm range
  • Improved Gas Mileage
  • Refined a/f ratio
  • Increase Rev Limiter
  • Top Speed Removal (Off road use only)
  • Refined drivability
  • Improved Part throttle response


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