Velos Performance Software for BMW 328i & 128i

The Velos Performance Software solution for the N52 Motor found in the BMW 328i consist of a complete remapping of the ECU resulting in an increase of 18hp and 15 lb ft of torque when running 92+ octane. The Velos ECU Tune will unleash untapped potential in this motor and also allows for custom tunes for vehicles with exhaust upgrades as well as 3 stage manifold upgrades. ECU remapping is available via the OBD2 using our Personal Tuner solution or via bench by sending in the ECU with Next Day air return included.

*Available with optional Velos Personal Tuner. Velos Personal Tuner allows vehicle to be programmed remotely via OBD2 port

  • Improved Shifting
  • Options for 3 Stage Manifold & Intake
  • Crisper, quicker shifting
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Increased Gains in mid rpm range
  • Improved Gas Mileage
  • Refined a/f ratio
  • Increase Rev Limiter
  • Top Speed Removal (Off road use only)
  • Refined drivability
  • Improved Part throttle response