Ferrari 458 Stage 1 Performance Software

Being the successor to the 430 is definitely no easy task. The Ferrari 458 Italia is the newest mid engine creation from Italy’s celebrated car manufacturer. Through lengthy R&D and countless hours of dyno testing the Velos Designwerks engineering team has increased this Prancing Horses output to a little over 600HP and 420 lb ft of torque. This is an increase of over 35 HP and 30 lb ft of torque. Through careful adjustments to several maps including the fuel, ignition, and throttle the overall dri ving experience is improved making the Italia more responsive and shifts through the 7 speed Dual Clutch transmission crisper.

note: Dyno runs done in 100 degree weather. Dyno done solely for tuning purposes / ie to realize gains. Realistic gains are higher than claims due to increase in cooling.


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Key Features

  • Increased Boost Levels
  • Improved Shifting
  • Crisper, quicker shifting
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Increased Gains in mid rpm range
  • Improved Gas Mileage
  • Refined a/f ratio
  • Increase Rev Limiter
  • Top Speed Removal (Off road use only)
  • Refined drivability
  • Improved Part throttle response


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